Enjoying wine should be effortless

At Northern Cross Vineyard, we keep winemaking uncomplicated and authentic. We grow cold-hardy grapes in our vineyard and make them into wine that is both new and delicious. We are so confident of the integrity of these grapes, that we named our wines for the predominant grape used in making them. Our red wine grapes are Marquette, Frontenac, St. Croix, and our whites are Lacrosse, La Crescent and Prairie Star. You may not have heard these names before, but we are sure that our wines will offer you a fresh tasting adventure.

Our wines can be found at the following locations:

Northern Cross Tasting Room: Located at the corner of Beadle and Ives Hill Roads, 1103 Beadle Hill Road, Valley Falls, NY 12185

Hours: Closed until April 2024.  We will be out in the vineyard trimming, but see you in a few months.