Harvest 2016 Featured in Saratoga Living Magazine


Friends Gather for the Harvest

The 2016 harvest is our best year yet for producing abundant high quality grapes from our vineyard. We just could not pick all of the grapes in one harvest so we had two!  Fortunately, our vineyard is blessed with many family and friends to help us pick our grapes. This year author Mary Cirincione from Saratoga Living joined us for our second friends harvest to document what a harvest looks like at Northern Cross Vineyard.

So what’s a harvest like at Northern Cross Vineyard? Our harvest days begin with friends gathering for a light breakfast of local baked goods and coffee. The mornings can be a bit wet and chilly in the fall, so everyone dresses in farm boots and bundles up with jackets. With clippers in hand, our friends spread themselves among the vines to begin the picking. Picking continues until the afternoon when it’s time for the harvest meal served inside an 19th century barn. A long table is set up with all of our wines to drink and noshes, (appetizers) to eat. Our harvest menu always includes a bounty of locally grown foods from Washington County. Finally, it’s time to eat and drink!

Mary Cirincione jumped right into the harvest and joined our friends in the vineyard.  While we picked grapes,  Mary took notes and shot some of the most beautiful photos ever taken of Northern Cross. The article is a perfect reflection of our harvest days: lots of  work, food and friends. Many thanks to Mary and Saratoga Living for giving us the opportunity to share our vineyard with your readers. Read the complete article here




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